Hello, Beautiful Soul!

I am Francesca. A 31-year-old powerhouse determined to use this servant’s heart of mine to guide you to a powerful place. I have been through all walks of life. I have experienced all types of pain and joy. I have overcome an enormous amount of struggles all before most of peers bought their first home. I am here to help you. I am here, no matter which path in life you took OR whichever path life took you on. Let’s get you from burnout to bulletproof.

You are WORTHY!

This is FrancescaCooper.com and you may be wondering what led you here and why. There is something powerful in every woman. It is given to us at birth and passed down to our own daughters and grand-daughters. It is the ability to do great things, unimaginable things, and powerful things.

Things that have impact. Things that bring joy. Things that can alter the course of a career you take or a family you raise. Thanks that can change the world. We are capable of anything.

With that capability comes an overbearing weight. A weight that somehow women have been forced to carry alone for a very long time. The weight of others. The weight of our own minds. The weight of our past and the weight of expectations.